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About The Emerging Trends Report

The Emerging Trends Report is a predictive service based on the analysis of a wide range of international publications. We look for aberrant occurrences or unexpected events that run contrary to the status quo and then develop ideas to capitalize on either the change in trend or the new trend suggested by the data.  In short, we spend months researching and analyzing an investment opportunity which we then present to our clientele in a form that can usually be read and absorbed in approximately one hour, thereby saving  time and money.


The trends we have identified are universally long term in nature; however, the depth and breadth of global financial crisis and other events has prompted us to revisit and re-evaluate all of our assumptions and themes within this new and fluid market dynamic.


Because financial crisis has a history of precipitating political instability, we anticipate increased protectionism, resource nationalization and resource mercantilism in the years ahead; consequently, we continue restrict our investment universe to companies operating in North America and Australia. 


"Coalescence" and "The Gold Treatment," our first two reports, have been updated within this environment and are available as free pdf downloads on this page.  


Additionally, we offer truncated versions of our subscription-based reports, which generally run to roughly one-third of the entire report, to give prospective clients a glimpse of what we have been researching and a documented explanation of our reasoning-- albeit only up to a point and without including the developments making the trend viable at this time, areas in which to invest or to avoid, our investment approach and stock recommendations, or our source materials.  


Richard KarnThe Emerging Trends Report also performs independent research on a contract basis. 


Richard Karn, a retired Associate Professor of English, is the Managing Editor of the Emerging Trends Report (ETR). His articles have appeared in publications ranging from Barron’s to Financial Sense Online to Fuller Money. In addition to producing independent research and analysis on opportunities in primarily the North American and Australian markets, the Emerging Trends Report conducts contract research for companies such as BASF Engelhard and the Adit Funds. He divides his time between Alaska and Australia.


Please direct questions or comments to rkarn@emergingtrendsreport.com. 

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