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Credit & Credibility

The result of more than 8 months of research, Credit & Credibility is the Emerging Trends Report's comprehensive assessment of today's financial markets and what we consider to be the five most pressing issues the global economy will face in the years ahead. 


The first five chapters of the eBook, which we have made available below as free downloads, explore the following critical issues:


Chapter 1: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"  (please click to read) discusses fiat currency, the financial excesses and abuse it engenders, interventionist policy response to perpetuate it, and the role of the US dollar going forward;


Chapter 2:  "Nobody's right when everybody's wrong" (please click to read) develops our contention that all fiat currencies today have become derivatives of the US dollar;


Chapter 3:  "May you live in interesting times" (please click to read) explores the extent to which emerging markets can decouple from 'consumer' economies and the role of China as the litmus test for the thesis;


Chapter 4: "The report of my death was an exaggeration" (please click to read) details our contention the world has had its fill of 'financial innovation,' and the only way the US economy will recover will be through its traditional strengths in agriculture, manufacturing, invention, and hard work; and


Chapter 5:  "Passing laws, just because" (please click to read) offers our assessment of the anthropogenic global warming debate and pending legislation.


Credit & Credibility then delineates the investment approach demanded in this 'brave new world,' identifying potential pitfalls to recovery, asset classes likely to become candidates for bubble-dom, a set of leading indicators we believe will be effective in the years ahead, and how these five issues will affect each of our investment themes.


In order to facilitate the comparison and update of our nine themes within this context, Credit & Credibility includes complete copies of all  nine of our original reports on coal, gold, water & food, nuclear energy, silver, the electric grid, transportation fuels, scrap metals and material science, and natural gas and has appended substantial commentary updating the performance of each trend going forward, including a ranking of the nine themes by viability in the current environment and stock recommendations for each.


The heavily annotated eBook runs to more than 430 pages of text, not including more than 230 pages of source material and suggestions for further reading.


Credit & Credibility comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and may be purchased for $99 by clicking here.

Alternatively Credit & Credibility is included as part of our sponsorship package or with an Annual Subscription to the Emerging Trends Report, details of which are available here.

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