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Richard Keller, Angler Capital Partners (comment made in May 2010): "As usual, your insights on fiat currencies have turned out to be quite prescient.  I would think now would be a good time for you to be out marketing.  Perhaps I should call you Nostradamus."

Chris C. Roy, Director-Institutional Sales, Cormack Securities, Inc: "I'm quite pleased with your approach and commend you on such a thorough way of approaching both your research and your business."

Joel C. Torcolini, Air Quality Scientist (firm name witheld): "As a practicing  air quality consultant (over 10 years) who applies air quality models for a living, I want to say 'bravo' for pointing our a simple truth in your article:

'The American people persist in accepting computer projections regarding Anthropogenic Global Warming as if it were reality, seeming unable to come to grips with the simple truth that computer models will produce whatever figures their programmers tell them to produce.'

I agree with this statement 100% and congratulate you on bringing this simple concept to light.  I see this every day.

Further, I would like to applaud you and your staff for compiling such an extensive, meticulously cited and well-thought out examination of the climate change issue.  From a scientific perspective, skepticism is warranted; however, I never truly understood the political or economic implications.  Thank you for the insight; it is quite valuable and, I hope, very widely distributed."

Comments about "Fuelhardy"

David Fuller of fullermoney.com:                                                                                                                    

"Veteran subscribers may remember Richard and ETR, because Fullermoney has long admired and posted his seminal work. Meticulous in his research and incisive in his conclusions, Richard Karn is one of the finest analysts and writers in the financial industry...  Even readers well versed in the complex and changing subject of energy will find his detailed report highly informative."

Dr. Ferdinand E. Banks:


“Fuelhardy”is “not only interesting but extremely important, and deserving the widest possible circulation.”


Jerry Mercer:


"You and your team are to be commended for the outstanding research that you have put together. It is refreshing to have timely, competent, relevant data with a macro perspecitve and micro technical competencies.  Economic talking-heads get lost in balance sheets and emotions, where you and your team go beyond the headlines to find the fact-based patterns that are emerging."

Comments about  "The Silver Intersection"

David Fuller of fullermoney.com:

"…(this) splendid in-depth paper published  by the Emerging Trends Report is a timely  platform for reviewing the silver market.   Richard Karn is an excellent analyst and a familiar name to veteran subscribers.”

Comments about "Nuclear Tide"

Robert Mitchell, Portal Capital/the Adit Funds:

"As a manager employed in the pursuit of purchasing off exchange traded minor metals that promote the production of clean energy, such as uranium, I am obligated to try to keep abreast of the nuclear industry, and I grow weary of reading either breathlessy optimistic papers heralding the renaissance of nuclear, or equally biased negative commentaries indicting the industry. I found Richard Karn's piece to be a refreshingly balanced and erudite composition on the topic."

George S. Stanford, PhD., reactor physicist (ret.), US Argonne National Laboratory: 

"...congratulations on a very good job of popularizing a complex topic.  Your clients will be well served."

Comments about "Agua Caliente"

John I. Dickerson, President & CEO, Summit Global Management, Inc.:

"… you have done an outstanding job in giving the average reader a good clear understanding of a rather immense subject. In all the many years that I have been a focused water investor, I do believe that this is the best general overview that I've seen."

Dr. Philip Baity: 

"…you are absolutely correct in your report. For many years my father, Dr. H.G. Baity, was Director of Environmental Sanitation of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, and for his whole career before that was spent as an engineer and Public Health specialist worldwide. He always insisted that the lack of water resources was the primary problem in a world faced with a population explosion."

Comments about "The Gold Treatment"

DAVID FULLER of fullermoney.com:

"In forwarding this report, Laura Stein, who certainly knows this subject, said this was one of the best reports she had ever read on gold. I agree - it's superbly researched and presented, and without an excess of gold bug bombast.

Veteran subscribers already know a great deal about gold and the dodgy history of fiat currency, but the clarity of Richard Karn's report can only add to our understanding of money and monetary history. If you agree with Laura's and my appraisal, I suggest printing a file copy for yourself and adult members of your family, as I have done."

Russ St. Pierre:

"Your essay on gold-eagle is the clearest, most concise treatment of the subject that I have read in the fifteen years I have been studying fiat money/gold standard systems."

Kevin Gilligan: 

"…many thanks for both superb reports: they are off the charts!"

Gene Hetzler: 

"You have really outdone yourself and have done an extraordinary job."

Ross Regan: 

"I have just read the two reports and find your analysis to be excellent."

Comments about "Coalescence"

Tony Riddle: 

"In thirty plus years as an investor, and the massive research that goes with that, your article on coal is one of the best I’ve seen.  Thanks for your hard work.  It will influence future decisions.  All independent investors need this type of research more than any other tool."

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